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How long can rabbits go without water?

how long can rabbits go without water

Your pet rabbits didn’t drink water for the last twelve hours, and you are unaware of rabbits’ drinking habits. You must know all about rabbits’ drinking behavior to keep them hydrated and in good health. In this post, I described Read more…

When do baby rabbits leave the nest?

when do baby rabbits leave the nest

Your pet rabbit gave birth, and you are already curious to know when this kitten will grow up and start playing. I described everything you need to know in this post about baby rabbits growing up week by week and Read more…

Do rabbits hibernate?

do rabbits hibernate

Did you notice many rabbits visiting your yard or porch during winter? If that’s not the case, then where do all the rabbits go during winter? Do rabbits hibernate? By the time you finish reading this post, you will know Read more…

Can rabbits swim?

can rabbits swim

You may want to take your pet rabbits out with you to the beach as dog guardians do. After you read this post, you can decide whether it is a good idea to take your rabbits for a swim with Read more…

Do snakes eat rabbits?

do snakes eat rabbits

Are you confused about living your rabbits outdoor or indoors due to the danger from predators such as snakes? I will explain why you shouldn’t keep your rabbits outdoors even if you think they are safe in a rabbit cage. Read more…

Do rabbits make noise?

do rabbits make noise

One of your house rabbits makes noise lately, and you fail to interpret what it is trying to say. This post is all about understanding rabbit noises and eventually have a better bonding with your rabbits. If you understand the Read more…

Are rabbits herbivores?

are rabbits herbivores

Assuming you intend to adopt pet rabbits and understand the rabbit’s diet beforehand. A common question people ask is: Are rabbits herbivores? People ask these questions because they have seen a hare in the wild eating meat and confused themselves, Read more…

What do wild rabbits eat?

what do wild rabbits eat

If you see rabbits frequently visiting your yard or your porch and what to feed them, let me tell you these wild rabbits have a similar diet as domestic rabbits. In this article, I discussed what do wild rabbits eat Read more…

What are the best breeds of rabbits for first-time owners?

best breed of rabbit for first time owners

First-time pet rabbit owner? The right breed of pet rabbit is less troublesome in regular households. It is fun to own a pet rabbit if you commit to taking the responsibility of a pet regardless of breed or species. I Read more…

Can different rabbit breeds mate?

can different rabbit breeds mate

Let me guess: You own rabbits of different breeds, and right now, wondering, is it a good idea to allow these rabbits to mate. The term used for mating rabbits of various breeds is known as cross-breeding. Cross-breeding is good, Read more…