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Lonely rabbit behavior

lonely rabbit behavior

Realize all the lonely rabbit behavior first to better understand whether your new pet rabbit is lonely or simply stressed due to some unusual changes in its environment. Knowing your rabbit’s lonely behavior will aid you to prevent your house rabbits Read more…

Rabbit bonding stages.

rabbit bonding stages

Bonding rabbits is very easy if you know the techniques and understand the behavior associated with rabbit bonding stages. I have explained all the noticeable behavior that will allow you to realize when your rabbits have started to make a Read more…

Domestic rabbit lifespan indoors.

domestic rabbit lifespan indoors

A pet rabbit has a pretty good lifespan almost similar to other house pets like dogs and cats. If you intend to bring home a new pet rabbit or you already have one, you can use the techniques I have Read more…

Bonding Two Male Rabbits.

bonding two male rabbits

Bonding two male rabbits regardless of neutered or unneutered is not a problem at all. Only you have to understand and introduce these two rabbits in a conventional way. I have introduced a new male rabbit to my existing house Read more…

Aggressive rabbit body language.

aggressive rabbit body language

It would be a lot easier for you to prevent your rabbit’s aggression if you can comprehend with your rabbits’ aggressive behavior. In this post, I will help you to get a grasp of your rabbit’s aggressive behavior and stop Read more…

Top Rabbit signs of stress – FAQ

rabbit signs of stress

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Wondering whether your rabbits are stressed or not? Realizing the rabbit signs of stress will enable you to prevent your rabbits from rabbit stress death. Learning all about the signs of fear and nervousness Read more…

How to clean a rabbit cage? Guaranteed no stink !

how to clean a rabbit cage

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Whether you are a new rabbit owner or have pet rabbits for a while, it is vital to know when and how to clean a rabbit cage to save yourself from unnecessary hassles later. Read more…

Can pet rabbits live outside? FAQ to keep your pet rabbits safe outdoors.

can pet rabbits live outside

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Confused about moving your indoor rabbits outdoors? YES, you can keep your pet rabbits outside but I must say you have to take proper safety measures which I am going to share in this Read more…

How to bunny proof your house? Bunny Safety Essentials!

how to bunny proof your house

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Today I will explain to you about certain ways you can ensure the safety of your bunnies, and prevent them from chewing through valuable stuff within your house. Most importantly, how to bunny proof Read more…

Why is hay important for rabbits in their daily diet?

hay for rabbits

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Perhaps you are thinking there is no importance of hay for rabbits in their diet, but you are wrong because hay is so important for rabbits that 80% of a rabbits diet must consist Read more…