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Consequences of separating bonded rabbits.

separating bonded rabbits

Wondering whether separating bonded rabbits is the right thing to do, although you don’t have any choice? You will rethink your decision after learning what may happen if you separate a bonded rabbit pair, even for a short while. I Read more…

How to tell how old a rabbit is?

how to tell how old a rabbit is?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Knowing the age of a house rabbit is not a difficult task for a professional. Yet, for a house rabbit guardian, the task is generally unexplored. Did you know a rabbit’s diet changes with Read more…

Introducing a baby rabbit to an older rabbit.

Introducing a baby rabbit to an older rabbit.

No matter how much you are willing to find a friend for your single pet rabbit, it is not always wise to introduce a baby rabbit. It is not difficult to find a friend for your bunny. Nevertheless, bonding between Read more…

What to do if your rabbit is lost? Wait, search, or rescue?

can rabbits find their way home

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Has your pet rabbit escaped somehow, and you are sad because you can’t figure out what to do now? Well, to find a lost rabbit, you can either wait for the rabbit to come Read more…

All you need to know about fighting rabbits.

rabbits fighting

There are several indications in rabbits that you misunderstand as if they are fighting. Misunderstanding bonded rabbits’ behavior towards each other is concerning. If you stop your pet rabbits imagining they are fighting while they were merely playful, you will Read more…

Bonding two female rabbits: Is same-gender bonding possible?

bonding two female rabbits

Bonding two female rabbits is not an impossible task if the rabbit guardian does it the correct way. Having two female rabbits can cause a deadly fight in the scene if proper measures are not taken like described in this Read more…

Rabbits & Dogs: Can the prey be safe around its predator?

rabbits and dogs

Let’s discuss the challenges of owning rabbits and dogs today. Despite which species of dog you have as a pet in your house, learning about the challenges will ease your problems. I can’t say for sure, these two species will Read more…