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The Flemish Giant Rabbit

Flemish rabbits

There are many diverse breeds of domestic rabbits, with different sizes, personalities, and care requirements. Just like with dogs, rabbits are specially bred to achieve certain desired features like coat color and texture, size, and body shape. The American Rabbit Read more…

The Holland Lop

The Holland Lop is a dwarf rabbit that normally weighs about four pounds once fully grown. Their body is wide but short. Thus, they tend to have a dense body shape. They act similar to a cat, resting frequently on Read more…

Top Breeds of Rabbit

Rabbits are enjoyable pets and companion animals. And they come in different breeds that finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. In relation to this, the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) formally recognizes 50 unique breeds, varying from Read more…

What are the best breeds of rabbits for first-time owners?

best breed of rabbit for first time owners

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links First-time pet rabbit owner? The right breed of pet rabbit is less troublesome in regular households. It is fun to own a pet rabbit if you commit to taking the responsibility of a pet Read more…

Don’t know your pet rabbit’s breed? Let me guide you to determine.

what breed is my rabbit

Assuming you own a couple of pet rabbits, and cannot determine the breed of your pet rabbits. It is easy to recognize the breed of pet rabbits or at least guess the breed of their ancestors. In this post, you Read more…

Can different rabbit breeds mate?

can different rabbit breeds mate

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Let me guess: You own rabbits of different breeds, and right now, wondering, is it a good idea to allow these rabbits to mate. The term used for mating rabbits of various breeds is Read more…