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Category: Rabbit Diet

How Long can Rabbits Go Without Water?

Rabbit running inside his enclosure

A rabbit that quits eating or drinking spells danger. Hydration, in particular, is crucial to your pet’s survival. Without regular access to fresh drinking water, their health will start to fall. Going for 24 hours without drinking water will be Read more…

Do Rabbits Really Like Carrots?

Do rabbits like carrots?

The image of a rabbit merrily munching away is an iconic one: From Bugs Bunny to Brer Rabbit and beyond, it appears like every pop culture bunny has a fondness for this orange vegetable. But can you actually believe everything Read more…

Can rabbits eat potatoes?

can rabbits eat potatoes

Potato is a staple for many people in most countries in the world, and you must be wondering if it’s a good meal for your pet rabbit’s too. As potatoes are always at hand in houses, you might give a Read more…

Can rabbits eat watermelon?

can rabbits eat watermelon

There are videos out there showing rabbit guardians treat their fluffy friends with watermelons. After watching one of these videos, you might want to treat watermelons to your pet rabbits too. Watermelons are sugary treats for rabbits, and here I Read more…

Can rabbits eat cucumbers?

can rabbits eat cucumbers

Do you want to feed cucumbers to your pet rabbits, but you are skeptical about the idea? Cucumbers are nutritious vegetable, and it is excellent for hydrating ourselves. In this post, you will know whether cucumber helps the rabbits diet Read more…

Can rabbits eat apples?

can rabbits eat apples

Feeding apples to rabbits sounds healthy. We, as rabbit guardians, want the best for our pet rabbits. Thus sometimes, we deem any food that is healthy for us is also suitable for rabbits. Apples are an excellent treat for rabbits, Read more…

Can rabbits eat bananas?

can rabbits eat bananas

Does your rabbit show curiosity every time you are having a banana? We all love our pets and if my pet rabbit show interest in banana it would be hard for me not to give him one. Thus, to raise Read more…

Can rabbits eat tomatoes?

can rabbits eat tomatoes

Want to feed tomatoes to your house rabbits? Feeding tomatoes to rabbits require moderation that I explained in this post. Tomatoes are considered treats for rabbits. However, overfeeding a rabbit with treats can harm your rabbits. Thus you have to Read more…

Can rabbits eat cauliflower?

can rabbits eat cauliflower

Cauliflower is a delicious vegetable, and vegetables are always a healthier option for us. However, is cauliflower suitable for rabbits? I served cauliflower to my pet rabbits, and she didn’t seem to like it much. In this post, you will Read more…

Can rabbits eat broccoli?

can rabbits eat broccoli

Broccoli is a super healthy vegetable for human beings. If you suppose a vegetable is beneficial for you means it’s as good as for your pet rabbits, then you might be wrong here. Brocolli is a delicious vegetable, and rabbits Read more…