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Do rabbits need to live in pairs?

do rabbits need to live in pairs

Before you decide to buy a rabbit and bring home to raise it as a pet, let us clear all the confusion first.   Do rabbits need to live in pairs? The answer is YES. And it depends on the Read more…

Lonely rabbit behavior

lonely rabbit behavior

Realize all the lonely rabbit behavior first to better understand whether your new pet rabbit is lonely or simply stressed due to some unusual changes in its environment. Knowing your rabbit’s lonely behavior will aid you to prevent your house rabbits Read more…

Can pet rabbits live outside? FAQ to keep your pet rabbits safe outdoors.

can pet rabbits live outside

Confused about moving your indoor rabbits outdoors? YES, you can keep your pet rabbits outside but I must say you have to take proper safety measures which I am going to share in this article. In this study, I wrote Read more…

How to bunny proof your house? Bunny Safety Essentials!

how to bunny proof your house

Today I will explain to you about certain ways you can ensure the safety of your bunnies, and prevent them from chewing through valuable stuff within your house. Most importantly, how to bunny proof your house? Did you actually know Read more…

Cats and Rabbits: Do cats and rabbits get along together?

cats and rabbits

I understand you are a pet enthusiast, and you intend to have pet cats and rabbits get along together in your house. Cats and rabbits can go along together however first you have to recognize the similarities and differences between Read more…

Buy Safe Toys for Bunnies to Play With.

toys for bunnies to play with

Do you have thoughts of buying rabbit chew toys, which will not allow your rabbits to be lonely even without you? There are so many bunny toys out there in the market but not all of them seem safe for Read more…

Raising Cage FREE Rabbits. Indoors & Garden!

raising cage free rabbits

I do not like watching rabbits in a cage. I always vote for raising cage FREE rabbits. I am Emiko, and I have always let my rabbit roam freely within the house. But without proper supervision and no litter training your Read more…

How to Pet a Rabbit? Must know information for New Rabbit lovers.

how to pet a rabbit

Your rabbit is so cute and you can’t resist petting and cuddle them. But wait do you know how to pet a rabbit without harming these delicate animals? Next time, pet these small animals to make them feel loved rather Read more…

Where do rabbits sleep?

where do rabbits sleep

When I first got my rabbit home I was confused about where do rabbits sleep and what do rabbits like to sleep on. Most rabbit guardians fail to realize when their rabbits are sleeping and where to place beds for rabbits. Read more…

Can I leave my Rabbit alone for the weekend?

can i leave my rabbit alone for the weekend

Every once in a while I want to go out traveling for the weekend. But whenever I intend to do that I am concerned about leaving my rabbits home alone. Every time I ask myself can I leave my rabbit alone for Read more…