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What are the best breeds of rabbits for first-time owners?

best breed of rabbit for first time owners

First-time pet rabbit owner? The right breed of pet rabbit is less troublesome in regular households. It is fun to own a pet rabbit if you commit to taking the responsibility of a pet regardless of breed or species. I Read more…

Don’t know your pet rabbit’s breed? Let me guide you to determine.

what breed is my rabbit

Assuming you own a couple of pet rabbits, and cannot determine the breed of your pet rabbits. It is easy to recognize the breed of pet rabbits or at least guess the breed of their ancestors. In this post, you Read more…

Can different rabbit breeds mate?

can different rabbit breeds mate

Let me guess: You own rabbits of different breeds, and right now, wondering, is it a good idea to allow these rabbits to mate. The term used for mating rabbits of various breeds is known as cross-breeding. Cross-breeding is good, Read more…