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Do rabbits need shots?

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You must realize by being an ignorant rabbit guardian you will only endanger your rabbit’s well-being.

The simple answer to the question:

Do rabbits need shots is YES and No at the same time?

This article is a must-read for new pet rabbit lovers to prevent their rabbits from getting infected by common rabbit diseases and the shots all the rabbits require.

When and what shots are required for your rabbits to live longer is what I will discuss in this article.

Do bunnies need to go to the vet and get a vaccine injection?

Bunnies need to go to the vet if necessary. And I have to say for new pet rabbit owners that rabbits are very precarious animals.

As a pet, they are so adorable, and as a rabbit guardian, you have to locate a vet who is a specialist in exotic animals.

The first and foremost thing to do is find out an expert for rabbits. Rabbits are unique animals, and taking them to regular cats and dogs veterinary is No-No.

If you take your rabbits to a vet who does not attend to exotic animals, then you might have just put your rabbits in danger.

So before you inject your rabbits with vaccines, discuss with a rabbit vet first.

Only a rabbit vet can advise you whether a vaccine for your rabbit is necessary or not.

Why do you think a vet will say a vaccine is not necessary?

Now, much depends on your location. Rabbits in the wild have two common diseases:

  • Myxomatosis;
  • R(H)VD;
  • R(H)VD2, The second category of R(H)VD.

There is a reason why I said rabbit shots are required depending on the location.

The viral diseases I mentioned above are rare in North America.

On the contrary, these viruses are widely-spread among wild rabbits from Europe and Australia.

Therefore vaccines for a rabbit is available in Europe and Australia.

However, as the diseases in rabbits are not so common and rarely seen in the pet rabbits in North America, it is difficult for rabbit owners to get your hands on rabbit shots.

Thus in the United States or Canada, even if you are willing to inject your rabbits with vaccines, it is impossible there.

I always say to new rabbit owners:

Bunnies need immediate attention once they get sick and need to visit a rabbit veterinary to prevent them from dying.

Let me share a story about my rabbit with you. I have a pet rabbit, and my rabbit loves peanuts.

There is no doubt about that.

Every time I get back home, she does binkies around me and expects that I will give her some peanuts.

Unfortunately, peanuts are not for rabbits. It was a mistake when I fed my rabbit a few peanuts, and the next day, she had soft droppings.

My bunny pooped everywhere. My rabbit had no control of when and where to find the potty. My rabbit could not manage to poop in the potty.

The poor rabbit dropped soft poop whenever she felt like going to the toilet.

So whose fault do you think was that?

It was my fault. I did not understand the rabbit’s diet, and I gave my rabbit something that is not suitable for a rabbit’s digestive system.

Although my rabbit loves peanuts, it is not what I can feed her.

I want to say that new rabbit owners fail to understand the behavior of rabbits as well as how sensitive these animals are.

Most new rabbit owners will not do decent research before bringing a pet rabbit home.

Your rabbits will likely not confer you indications of their stress and will never tell you. Rabbits are creatures that can suffer and die without being their guardian aware of what followed.

So if you want your rabbit to lead a healthier life, you have to pay attention to your rabbits.

Neglecting any signs of stress or avoid vaccinating your bunnies if you in Europe or Australia is like pushing your rabbits towards an early death.

Nevertheless, rabbit diseases are rare in Northern America. And getting your hands on a rabbit shot may be very difficult.

How often do rabbits need to be vaccinated?

Rabbits need to be vaccinated annually. Before you inoculate your rabbit, the best idea is to consult the rabbit vets beforehand and do accordingly what the vet suggests for your bunny friend.

How much do rabbit vaccinations cost?

The cost of rabbit shots and vaccines may vary depending on where you and your house rabbits reside. Yet the price range is between 40-60 USD.

Before adopting a bunny, a rabbit guardian must acknowledge the expense of rabbit vaccines.

A sensible rabbit guardian will never compromise the health of rabbits for 60 USD annually.

Endangering your rabbit’s well-being only for a few dollars can be fatal for your furry friend.

What are the two common diseases that rabbits get infected and their symptoms?

Rabbits are furry animals and are prone to several infections if rabbit guardians do not keet them clean.

If the rabbit keeper does not maintain decent cleanliness within the rabbit’s running space or their hutch, that will make rabbits vulnerable to several kinds of infections.

The two common rabbit deadly diseases are myxomatosis, and rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease, also known as R(V)HD.

What is myxomatosis?

Myxomatosis is a viral disease that spread through biting insects and flies.

Myxomatosis is a prevalent disease and can cause an infected rabbit to pass away within a fortnight.

In case you notice you rabbits have puffy swelling around face, eyes, and ears, you must promptly contact an exotic pet veterinary.

Similarly, the symptom of myxomatosis in the rabbit is high fever and lost appetite in pet rabbits.

With proper care and attention from your vet, you may save your bunny friend.

Nevertheless, in cases of myxomatosis infection, it is unusual for a rabbit to recover and survive.

There are vaccines available for rabbits to prevent them from myxomatosis.

But the shots available today will not prevent bunnies completely from getting an infection.

The myxomatosis shots for bunnies will only make them less vulnerable to the virus.

In such cases, a rabbit owner has to keep their rabbits away from wild rabbits, which might be carrying the virus.

As well as maintaining the cleanliness of a rabbit’s enclosure is equally essential.

The unhygienic environment around the rabbit will attract more flies, mites, and fleas.

What is R(V)HD?

R(V)HD or Rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease is widespread in wild rabbits of Europe and Australia.

Rabbits in the wild are prone to R(V)HD infection because the R(V)HD virus can quickly spread through merely by encountering infected rabbits or ingesting contaminated hay.

So rabbits in the wild get contaminated instantly, and the disease spreads out rapidly.

And there is no remedy for a rabbit that is infected by R(V)HD until today. A rabbit will expire within 48 hours of contamination.

Symptoms of R(V)HD infection in rabbits are high fever, internal bleeding, and liver diseases.

So it is quite tricky for house rabbit owners to recognize the symptoms of R(V)HD infection in their pet rabbits.

Hence a rabbit usually passes away within 48 hours, which may leave a rabbit owner confused about what happened.

Therefore today, shots or vaccines for rabbit viral hemorrhagic are widely available.

Once you inject your rabbit with an R(V)HD prevention shot, it is highly likely the rabbit will not be contaminated.

Interestingly rabbits under six weeks will not be affected by R(V)HD. On the counter, older rabbits are further prone to get this virus infection.

Why is parasite control crucial to ensure rabbit safety?

Regardless of your bunnies are vaccinated or not, it is crucial to control parasites attacking your rabbits.

Because fleas/mites/lice are common to attack furry animals, they are attracted to rabbits.

The situation will become worse if you keep your pet rabbits in an unwashed and unclean atmosphere.

Rabbit guardians must clean the rabbit cages and hutches twice every day.

And always provide bunnies with fresh water.

There are many flea control products available which rabbit keepers can use inside the rabbit’s cage or hutch.

Similarly, rabbits will attract fur and ear mites. If mice attack them, they will show visible symptoms and visit the vet as soon as possible.

A rabbit guardian has to realize that rabbits are very fragile animals. A rabbit may die merely of shock.

A sudden loud noise can be the cause of a rabbit’s death.

Thus any viral or bacterial infection requires immediate attention by a veterinary.

Rabbit vaccinations side effects.

Likewise, any vaccination injection rabbit vaccination has minor side effects.

These side effects are infrequent and will wear off within 24 hours of the injection.

Side effects of rabbit shots are:

  • High fever;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Swelling at the injection site.

You must remember that these side effects are usual, and your rabbit will get back to normal within 24 hours after the injection.

However, in limited cases, a rabbit may pass away due to the effect of vaccination injection.

Regardless rabbits must get their shots and have a prolonged, healthier life.

Want your rabbit to be happy and healthy?

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