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Can rabbits eat apples?

can rabbits eat apples

Feeding apples to rabbits sounds healthy. We, as rabbit guardians, want the best for our pet rabbits.

Thus sometimes, we deem any food that is healthy for us is also suitable for rabbits.

Apples are an excellent treat for rabbits, but apples are not a go-to meal for rabbits. I explained in this article how much apple is suitable for pet rabbits and when you should feed them.

Also, I discussed other things about rabbits eating an apple in this article, such as:

  • Can rabbits eat apples?;
  • What to do if your rabbit swallowed an apple seed accidentally?
  • How to feed apples to rabbits?;
  • What kind of apples are best for pet rabbits?;
  • How much apple is suitable for rabbits?;
  • Can baby rabbits eat apples?

This article is a comprehensive guide on feeding apples to house rabbits without interrupting their digestive system.

Rabbits have a very delicate digestive system, and anything out of the ordinary can cause sickness.

Likewise, if you see your pet rabbit refuses to eat apples, it’s best not to force them to eat apples.

Can rabbits eat apples?

Yes, rabbits can eat an apple in moderation. Apples cannot be a meal for rabbits. Apples or any fruit is a treat for rabbits.

Apples are rich in fibers and antioxidants, which beneficial for the human body.

Similarly, the fiber in apples can help for a smooth digestive system for rabbits.

The problem is that apples contain sugar and calories, which will cause overweight in rabbits if consumed excessively.

Thus rabbit guardians must not feed rabbits apples every day or even a whole apple.

Excess consumption of apples will make a rabbit sick other than doing any good.

If rabbits eat apples now and then and without seeds and stems, it will benefit rabbit’s health.

Sweet apples will make rabbits very happy, and it is a treat for rabbits. Apple skins are rich in fibers, and fiber is an essential component for a healthy rabbit’s diet.

Without fiber, a rabbit’s digestive system cannot move food smoothly in a rabbit’s diet, causing sickness in rabbits. Thus it is suggested that a rabbit’s diet must contain hay and dry grass mostly.

How much apple is suitable for rabbits?

Overfeeding a rabbit with an apple will provide rabbits with excess calories, and the result will be an overweight, unhealthy rabbit.

Apples are treats, and you must not feed apples to your rabbits more than twice a week.

Give no more than a slice of apple every time you give them. A thin piece of apple without seeds and stems is suitable for rabbits.

Your rabbits will be happy to have a healthy treat without gaining weight.

It’s not wrong to give apples to your rabbits more than two times a week. Nevertheless, it is best to follow serving one slice of apple each time and twice a week.

Serving a slice two times a week is the best practice for keeping your rabbits safe and giving them a variation in their taste palate.

How to feed apples to rabbits?

Always pick organic apples to feed your pet rabbits. Rabbits have a delicate digestive system. Providing rabbits a non-organic apple can make them sick.

A common symptom of sickness in rabbits from having unusual food is diarrhea. So if you see your pet rabbit has diarrhea within the next 24 hours of feeding the apple, it means the apple didn’t suit your rabbit’s digestive system.

Having diarrhea is also common after introducing new food to a rabbit’s diet.

But what I am saying here that if you have a non-organic apple for your pet rabbit, it may contain pesticides or some other chemical on the surface. These chemicals can harm your pet rabbits.

So before feeding a non-organic apple to your pet rabbits, rinse and wash it with water thoroughly.

Ensure there are no harsh chemicals present on the apple skins.

Also, some people might think feeding the apple without the skin will prevent rabbits from getting sick.

But the rabbits must eat the apples with skin because the apple skin contains essential fiber and the antioxidants that will benefit a rabbit’s health.

As I said, rabbits require fiber in their diet for a smooth digestive system, and the apple skin will provide the rabbits with fiber.

Wash the apple thoroughly regardless of organic or non-organic apple before you serve it to your house rabbits.

What to do if your rabbit swallowed a seed accidentally?

As I said, apple seeds and stems are harmful to rabbits. So stop your rabbits from chewing on them.

Be very cautious about serving apples to your pet rabbits. Whenever you serve apples, ensure the apple slice doesn’t have any seed in it.

Apple seeds contain amygdalin, a substance that releases cyanide in the bloodstream if digested.

A small amount of cyanide in a human bloodstream does not have any effect. However, for a delicate small pet rabbit, a small amount of cyanide will be deadly.

So what happens if your fussy rabbit ate a seed accidentally?

If a rabbit swallows an apple seed without chewing on it, the source is intact and will not release cyanide. The apple seed will remain intact inside the rabbit’s stomach because rabbits’ digestive systems cannot digest a whole grain.

So it will come out the way it is with feces.

Now, it would be a problem if your pet rabbit chews on to the seed and burst it open.

The seed will release the cyanide, and it can be fatal for your pet rabbit.

To prevent your rabbits from getting sick, you must ensure that you removed all the seeds from the apple you served. It is not that difficult to remove seeds from an apple slice before serving.

What kind of apples are best for pet rabbits?

All kinds of apples are suitable for pet rabbits. As long as your pet rabbits eat the apple moderately, any apple is best for your pet rabbits.

Yet, I always prefer to have organic apples for my pet rabbits.

Every rabbit has a unique character, some rabbits may like to eat apples, and some may not like apples. If your pet rabbit is reluctant to eat an apple, don’t force it.

Some rabbits may not like apples because of the taste, and others may eat an apple as a treat because it’s sweet.

There is no specific brand of apple or origin of apple that you have to pick for your pet rabbits. Only don’t pick green apples for your pet rabbits as they may not like the sour taste of green apples.

Serving house rabbits with sweet non-organic are the best option for you to keep them happy.

Can baby rabbits eat apples?

Baby rabbits must not eat anything except for milk. Therefore, breastfeeding provides baby rabbits with all the nutrition necessary for baby rabbits.

After the rabbit is three months old, you should feed baby rabbits alfalfa hay to give rabbits essential fiber in their diet and protein. In addition, protein in alfalfa hay helps rabbits for growth.

Don’t feed the baby rabbits anything unless the vet suggests. For example, feeding apples to baby rabbits will harm more as apples are high in calories.

Can rabbits drink apple juice?

It is always better to feed rabbits apples instead of apple juice.

Don’t give rabbits packaged apple juice as it may contain preservatives and other chemicals that will disturb the rabbit’s digestive system.

Sometimes pet rabbits are unwilling to drink water. Rabbits may stop drinking water for several reasons. At that point, you may encourage a rabbit to drink water by adding little apple juice to their drinking water. Apple juice will make the drinking water sweeter, and a rabbit might start drinking water again.

But before doing that, you have to figure out why did your rabbit stop drinking water.

Usually, a rabbit stops drinking water due to illness. So a visit to a vet is a must at that point.

Nevertheless, there is no reason to give rabbits apple juice. Instead, always serve them fresh organic apple slices twice a week, which will keep your rabbits in good shape.