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Can rabbits eat tomatoes?

can rabbits eat tomatoes

Want to feed tomatoes to your house rabbits? Feeding tomatoes to rabbits require moderation that I explained in this post.

Tomatoes are considered treats for rabbits. However, overfeeding a rabbit with treats can harm your rabbits. Thus you have to recognize the dangers of feeding tomatoes to rabbits and treat them occasionally.

This article contains:

  • Can rabbits eat tomatoes?;
  • How much tomato is suitable for rabbits?;
  • How to feed tomatoes to rabbits?;
  • What to do if your rabbit swallowed a tomato seed accidentally?
  • What kind of tomatoes are best for pet rabbits?;
  • Can baby rabbits eat tomatoes?

Rabbits are fluffy, delicate pets. We, as rabbit guardians, do our best to keep them happy and healthy.

Treats like tomatoes or other sugary fruits in moderation are essential to creating your bonding with rabbits without making them sick.

Can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Rabbits can eat tomatoes but in moderation.

Tomatoes are watery fruits that can cause diarrhea in rabbits. Introducing tomatoes to a rabbit requires observation. If your rabbit has diarrhea within the next 24 hours, you probably overfed tomatoes to your rabbits. The delicate digestive system of rabbits requires time to adapt to new food in their diet.

If the diarrhea is not OK within the next 24 hours, a visit to the vet is a must.

However, there will likely be no diarrhea if you follow my instructions on feeding tomatoes to rabbits in this article.

Tomatoes are treats, and you must feed treats in moderation. However, all kinds of fruits have a high sugar level, and overfeeding will result in overweight, unhealthy rabbits.

Many may consider tomatoes as vegetables, but indeed tomatoes are fruits and contain sugar. So to prevent your rabbits from gaining excess weight and avoid having sickness, you must know the limit for feeding tomatoes to your rabbits.

Regardless, the high water content in tomatoes will keep rabbits hydrated. Tomatoes also contain fiber and antioxidants.

I repeatedly mentioned that fiber in a rabbit’s diet is essential for the digestive system to work smoothly. Though tomatoes are not high in fiber, the little fiber content in tomatoes will aid in a smooth digestive system in rabbits.

How much tomato is suitable for rabbits?

A cherry-sized tomato once a week is suitable for rabbits. Now, you may want to feed a cherry tomato twice a week, which is also acceptable.

I recommend serving tomatoes to rabbits is once a week and fill their diet with other fruits and treats. Doing so will not bore your rabbits, and their appetite for tomatoes will not fade.

Nevertheless, feeding a cherry-sized tomato each time twice a week will not harm your rabbits.

Feeding more than a cherry tomato in one serving can interrupt your rabbits’ digestive system.

Your rabbits may have diarrhea or bloating.

What if you feed tomatoes to pet rabbits daily?

It’s like giving children sweet chocolate every day. Though children love having chocolates, the high sugar content in chocolates affects children’s health.

Similarly, regularly feeding delicious treats like tomatoes to rabbits can cause house rabbits to gain excess weight.

An overweight rabbit is unhealthy and may become unwilling to move. As a result, an overweight rabbit is an unhappy rabbit.

How to feed tomatoes to rabbits?

I mentioned many times that feed a cherry-sized tomato to your rabbits for each serving.

Before serving tomatoes to pet rabbits, you must wash the tomato thoroughly with water. Washing is crucial because tomatoes may have pesticides and other chemicals on the surface.

Get rid of the harmful chemicals using water because these harsh chemicals can be fatal for your pet rabbits.

If your tomato is bigger than cherry tomatoes, you must slice the tomatoes and ensure your serving is not more than a cherry-sized tomato.

Likewise, remove all the seeds from the tomatoes. Tomato seeds are not deadly. However, seeds can hurt your pet rabbits if they consume excessively.

So the best practice is to serve tomatoes without the seeds to your rabbits.

Serve tomatoes to pet rabbits with the skin. Hence rinsing in water is crucial.

Don’t serve any tomato leaves and stem to your pet rabbits. The stems and tomato leaves can be toxic for rabbits.

Remember to serve no more than a cherry-sized tomato.

For instance, if you have a big tomato, you can slice and divide the tomato into smaller parts. Remove the seeds, leaves, and stems, and then give just as much as a cherry-sized tomato to your rabbits.

Your rabbits will enjoy a healthy treat.

What to do you if your rabbit swallowed tomato seeds accidentally?

If your rabbit swallowed a seed or two from the tomato, it would not hurt your rabbit and later come out with the feces.

Consuming tomato seeds in excess amount can make your rabbits sick.

To ensure your rabbits don’t have access to any tomato seeds, remove all the tomato seeds before serving them to your rabbits.

What kind of tomatoes are best for pet rabbits?

There is no particular kind of tomato that a rabbit prefers. Rabbits like all kinds of tomatoes regardless of their size.

As long as the serving is in moderation, any tomato will make your rabbits happier.

Always slice and dice big tomatoes to the correct portion before serving them to your house rabbits. Removing seeds, leaves, and stems is crucial.

Tomatoes are an excellent treat for rabbits. Thus all kinds of tomatoes will make your rabbits happy.

Can baby rabbits eat tomatoes?

A baby rabbit should not eat anything other than breast milk. Rabbit breast milk has all the necessary nutrition for baby rabbits.

Don’t introduce any new food to baby rabbits until they are three months old.

A baby rabbit’s digestive system is extremely delicate. It will be difficult for a baby rabbit’s digestive system to process a portion of unusual food.

Unable to digest the food properly can cause baby rabbits to die.

So it is advised not to feed tomatoes to baby rabbits. Tomatoes do not have any essential nutrition for baby rabbits. Baby rabbits need protein for growth, and tomatoes don’t have protein.

Tomatoes are fruits, and treating a baby rabbit with fruit is not required.