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Can rabbits eat watermelon?

can rabbits eat watermelon

There are videos out there showing rabbit guardians treat their fluffy friends with watermelons. After watching one of these videos, you might want to treat watermelons to your pet rabbits too.

Watermelons are sugary treats for rabbits, and here I described why you must not feed watermelons to your rabbits excessively.

Feeding watermelons to rabbits can be threatening if you don’t serve a balanced portion. Similarly, there is something healthier than watermelon meat that your rabbits like to munch.

  • Can rabbits eat watermelon?;
  • How much watermelon is suitable for rabbits?;
  • How to feed watermelon to rabbits?;
  • Can baby rabbits eat watermelon?

Can rabbits eat watermelon?

Yes, rabbits can eat watermelon moderately. However, watermelon for rabbits is not a meal but a treat. Hence rabbit guardian must serve the correct portion of watermelon no more than two times in a weak.

Watermelon is an excellent fruit to hydrate rabbits. The problem is watermelon is high in sugar, and rabbits have difficulty digesting sugar.

A small portion of watermelon once or perhaps twice a weak will help rabbit guardians build a strong bonding with their pet rabbits.

Pet rabbits will love the sweet watermelon and love their guardian, as this sweet treat will make them happier.

To feed watermelon more than twice a week or more than the right portion can make your pet rabbits sick.

A rabbit’s digestive system cannot break down sugar entirely. The digestive system can process a small amount of sugar in the diet. However, excessive sugar will interrupt the rabbit’s digestive system. Without a smooth flow in the digestive tract, the rabbit will quickly become sick.

To understand the importance of balancing a happy treat for rabbits and simultaneously keep your rabbits lively, continue reading.

How much watermelon is suitable for rabbits?

Watermelon is a treat for rabbits, and it is best to give treats once in a while to pets as rewards.

Watermelons are not a meal replacement. Rabbits need a diet rich in fiber, and unfortunately, watermelons are high in sugar and not so much rich in fiber.

It is best to give watermelons only twice a week. Each serving of watermelon should not be more than 2inches by 2inches cube.

This portion of 2inches by 2inches cube of watermelon is adequate for rabbits. The size of a watermelon is a healthy treat.

More than this amount of watermelon can hurt your rabbits.

Remember that introducing watermelon can bring about soft stools in your rabbits. This is because watermelons are very juicy fruit. Similarly, anything unusual in a rabbit’s delicate digestive system can cause diarrhea.

Once you feed juicy watermelon to your rabbits for the first time, wait for 24 hours to observe your pet rabbits.

If you notice your rabbit is sickly or has soft stools even after 24 hours, you must visit a vet asap.

Likely, introducing a 2inches square cube to your pet rabbits will not affect their health. However, if your rabbits are in good shape after their first watermelon treat, it is nice to feed them watermelon twice a week.

How to feed watermelon to rabbits?

To feed watermelon to a rabbit, you must follow the portion instruction I mentioned in the previous section.

However, did you know that rabbits can eat the watermelon rind?

Watermelon rinds are rich in fiber and healthier for rabbits. In reality, the watermelon rind is more beneficial for rabbits than the watermelon meat itself.

The watermelon rind is not so sweet. If you frequently treat your rabbits with watermelon meat, they may not show interest in the watermelon rind anymore.

Rabbits need a diet rich in fiber, and watermelon rind contains less sugar and more fiber. The watermelon rind can also hydrate your pet rabbits.

So the best practice to treat rabbits is serving them watermelon with rinds.

First, wash the watermelon’s outer surface thoroughly to eliminate all the pesticides and harsh chemicals.

When you slice a 2inch cube for your pet rabbit, occasionally try to serve them the watermelon with rinds.

You, as a rabbit guardian, can give them a balanced healthy life.

Always ensure that there is no seed in the watermelon. Remove all the seeds before you serve them to your pet rabbits. Swallowing watermelon seeds can be fatal for rabbits.

So double-check every time before you serve watermelon to rabbits.

Once your rabbit finishes eating the watermelon, check your rabbits for watermelon juice on their fur.

If you notice watermelon juice on the fur, wipe it clean. Because if your rabbit doesn’t want to self groom and clean the watermelon juice from its skin, the sticky liquid will dry up and tangle the rabbit’s fur.

Can baby rabbits eat watermelon?

A baby rabbit must not eat anything other than breastfeeding. This is because all the essential nutrition for a baby rabbit’s growth is obtainable from its mother’s milk.

Thus there is no reason to feed watermelon to a baby rabbit.

Likewise, the digestive system of baby rabbits is super delicate.

Treating them watermelon might even kill them. So watermelon for baby rabbits is a no-no.

Watermelon is a treat only suitable for adult rabbits and in the right portion.