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Are rabbits herbivores?

are rabbits herbivores

Assuming you intend to adopt pet rabbits and understand the rabbit’s diet beforehand.

A common question people ask is: Are rabbits herbivores?

People ask these questions because they have seen a hare in the wild eating meat and confused themselves, thinking the hare is a rabbit.

Rabbits and hares look alike, but they are two different species. Although rabbits have a plant-based diet entirely, hares often scavenge for meat in the wild.

I will remove all your confusion in this post.

Are rabbits herbivores?

Rabbits have a plant-based diet entirely, meaning they are herbivores. Rabbits need high fiber in their diet to have a smooth digestive system. Likewise, being herbivores allow rabbits to keep their forever-growing teeth in shape. On the contrary, consuming meats have no health benefits for rabbits.

How can meat affect a rabbit’s health?

Rabbits have a sensitive stomach, and anything unusual in their diet can cause trouble for their stomach—rabbits need a fiber-based diet.

Meat is a source of protein and almost no fiber that can help for improved digestion.

Also, meat requires time to digest. Thus, if a rabbit consumes meat, it will take a while to digest and cause a blockage in the rabbit’s digestive system.

The rabbit will have a stomachache, and that will stress your pet rabbits.

Meat is high in protein and fat. A high quantity of protein in a rabbit’s diet affects the kidney of rabbits. Similarly, rabbits can’t process fats properly. Fats will store in rabbits’ bodies, and they will be overweight. Being overweight is not healthy for rabbits. Rabbits need to be lively and playful. A fat rabbit will refuse to play around.

Rabbits don’t need much protein in their diet once they are over six months old. It is recommended for adult rabbits not to consume alfalfa hay because that is high in protein.

Young rabbits need protein in their diet; however, they don’t need meat. They can get the necessary proteins from alfalfa hay.

Overall, rabbits don’t need meat, and neither they like to eat meat.

Why did my pet rabbit eat meat?

Rabbits are curious animals. If given a chance, they might chew on the meat.

If you have a pet rabbit and you left some meat on the table, your pet rabbit might have a bite out of curiosity.

That might be because of the attractive smell.

However, rabbits being herbivores, don’t like the taste of meat.

They might only prefer to chew on it. Rabbits will chew on meat because of the unusual texture from the food they are used to eating.

Some rabbits may chew on the meat and throw it away, and others may swallow it.

Regardless, if you find out your rabbits munched on meat, you must observe your pet rabbits for any signs of sickness.

What should you do if your pet rabbit eats meat?

Rabbits are herbivores, and they have nothing to do with meat. Rabbits’ sensitive digestive system is suitable to digest fiber-based foods.

If you see your pet rabbit consumed meat, then observe your rabbits for the next to days.

If a rabbit consumes meat and you are unsure whether it swallow it or not, you can identify that by observing your pet rabbits.

If your pet rabbit swallowed the meat, it would be heavy on your pet rabbit’s stomach. Meaning your pet rabbit will be uncomfortable and a little less playful.

Another thing to notice is rabbit excrement. If the rabbit has soft stools means the rabbit is sick.

Give your rabbit two days from when you think your rabbit had the meat.

If the rabbit’s behavior is unlike before and soft stools don’t stop, you must take your pet rabbit to the veterinary.

Only a vet can identify the fundamental problem of a herbivore consuming meat and can treat your rabbit accordingly.

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