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Your house rabbits regular food can be deadly for wild rabbits.

what do wild rabbits eat

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It is unknown to most people, whether the wild rabbits’ diet is the same as house rabbits, or it is slightly different?

I do not own any wild rabbits, yet I have shared my knowledge on the topic in this article.

I can say this for sure both the wild rabbits and domesticated rabbits are herbivores. Nonetheless, the same diet provided to a wild rabbit just like a tame rabbit can be life-threatening.

Let’s comprehend more about that in the article later.

What do wild rabbits eat?

Wild rabbits feed on fresh greens, vegetable plants, clover, grasses, and flowers. As well as hay is present in a wild rabbit’s daily diet.

The long answer is this:

Being a herbivore animal means rabbits depend on anything that is not flesh. Rabbits that live in the wild or grow up in a forest have an abundant supply of different plants, leaves, green grass, and hay.

There is no deficit of greens for a wild rabbit to survive in the wild.

Rabbits get all the necessary minerals and vitamins for their excellent health from the greens available for them in the wild.

Rabbits love to munch on hay. However, hay alone does not have all the required nourishment for rabbits. The feed is dry as well.

But hay is a staple for any rabbit. For a better digestive system and have enough fiber in a rabbits diet rabbit prefers chewing on grass all day.

Despite that, chewing on hay all day does not contribute to rabbits any nutrition. Even if the grass has any sustenance present in it, that is minimal. So to fill up the nutrition deficit and required hydration rabbit take every chance of having green vegetables. There are various kinds of green that are edible for rabbits.

Unlike domestic rabbits, wild rabbits have no one giving them pellets. A wild rabbit’s survival depends on what is accessible in its surroundings.

Many times wild rabbits may wander and end up in your lawn. A possible reason for that is the wild rabbit is looking for food and has come out in the locality.

If a wild rabbit ends up in your lawn or yard, do not give them food unless you read the rest of this article.

Because giving some food which is not suitable for rabbits can cause an upset stomach. And a wild rabbit cannot visit a vet by themself.

So they may die somewhere you will not even know.

What do wild rabbits eat in the winter?

I have already told you that all rabbits are herbivores. Regardless of what season it is, rabbits will survive by having everything without meat.

Rabbits have incisors teeth that are perfect for chewing on stems, twigs, buds, dried grass, and hay.

Thus in the wild, there is no shortage of dried grass, leaves, twigs, and stems in the wild.

Rabbits have a good supply of food in the wild, even in winter, to survive.

What can you feed a wild rabbit?

It is usual to see wild rabbits on your patio, and you may fancy giving them some food. You may believe they ended up in your yard because they are hungry.

They have indeed been roaming for food and may come close to you, but giving them food without prior knowledge of what that free rabbit demands can cause more harm than good.

Before I explain what you can feed your rabbits, I want to tell you about the domestic rabbit’s diet.

The reason for that is that the domestic rabbit’s diet is very much relevant to the subject of what wild rabbits forage.

Do you remember what I have mentioned about wild rabbits?

I told you earlier that wild rabbits get all the supplements, vitamins, and minerals in the wild.

They have an unlimited supply of greens and hay or whatever they like to eat in the wild.

They do not have any deficit of minerals.

Unlike domestic rabbits, they grow up in an environment where they rely on their guardians for food.

Rabbit guardians love their rabbits, and they do everything for the well being of their rabbits.

Therefore house rabbits grow in an environment where the supply of food is limited, yet house rabbits are not suffering malnutrition.

How is that possible, you may ask. It is possible because house rabbit owners have this one thing:

That is pellets. House rabbits owners feed pellets to their rabbits.

It is usual for a house rabbit owner to not have an unlimited supply of hay, grass, vegetables, and various kinds of leaves, although it is suggested for house rabbit owners to give their rabbits fresh hay to munch on all day.

Responsible rabbit guardians do that.

Nevertheless, there is a shortage of nutrition in a domestic rabbits diet.

That is where the rabbit pellets come in to play. Pellets are nutritious food for rabbits. They give whatever essential minerals and vitamins for rabbits well being.

But too much of nothing is good for health.

Thus let me get back to your original question of what you can feed a wild rabbit.

I suppose you ask this question because somehow, a wild rabbit ended up in your lawn, and you want to feed them.

Well, you can feed them vegetable plants if available in your house. Wild rabbits will love to have some berries too. You can give them berries. However, I do not provide too many seeds.

Assuming you have pet rabbits and you have pellets in the house, I suggest not giving the same rabbit pellets to the wild rabbits.

Because wild rabbits are used to with the food in the wild and pellets are nutrition concentrated food; thus, rabbit pellets may not be the most suitable for wild rabbits. It can be fatal for wild rabbits for two reasons.

  1. Wild rabbits already have sufficient nutrition in their diet;
  2. Rabbits have a sensitive stomach, and a sudden change in their diet will result in an upset stomach.

Do wild rabbits eat birdseed?

Like all animals, rabbits also have their preference. So I cannot say for sure if all rabbits eat bird seeds or not; however, some eat birdseed.

I have seen rabbits keeping friends that feed their house rabbits bird seeds.

So in case you see a wild rabbit and are willing to try out some bird seeds, then do not hesitate.

The wild rabbit on your lawn may like it. It is unlikely for a rabbit to get sick by having birdseed.


I can say this that there is not much difference in a wild rabbit diet from a domestic or house rabbit’s diet except for the fact that treating pellets to wild rabbits can be harmful. Opposingly pellets are lifesavers for house rabbits because it supplies them with required nutrition.

Although wild rabbits have no shortage of supply in the wild and no lack of nutrition, unfortunately, their lifespan is shorter than the house rabbits.

The lifespan of wild rabbits mostly depends on other factors like predators, weather, and no vet to look after them and not what they eat.

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