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What do wild rabbits eat?

what do wild rabbits eat

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If you see rabbits frequently visiting your yard or your porch and what to feed them, let me tell you these wild rabbits have a similar diet as domestic rabbits.

In this article, I discussed what do wild rabbits eat and how you can befriend them.

Although wild rabbits have a similar diet to domestic rabbits, their diet varies from summer season to winter season.

The wild rabbits’ diet is variable and slightly differs from domestic rabbits is due to lack of access to different kinds of food.

What do wild rabbits eat?

Wild rabbits pick different foods in summer from winter. In summer, wild rabbits feed on grass, leafy weeds, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables. They prefer to munch on barks, buds, and twigs during winter due to the lack of green leaves.

Unlike domestic rabbits, wild rabbits are not served food by their guardian. Thus they need to survive with what they can access.

You will often see wild rabbits don’t like to eat foods that your domestic rabbit usually eats. That’s probably because your domestic rabbit is used to having a particular vegetable which the wild rabbit in your yard never tried.

Wild rabbits typically live for 2-3 years. Reasoning wild rabbits don’t have adequate nutritious food like domestic rabbits, and they are also in danger from their predators. Wild rabbits know how to survive.

Therefore, they like to munch only available dry barks or twigs during cold weather.

In summer or spring, when there are available greens, they like to green vegetables or leaves.

Wild rabbits’ favorite food is hay or grass. They can munch on hay and grass all day long.

All rabbits require a diet enriched with fiber for several reasons.

Most importantly, the fiber in a rabbit’s diet prevents blockages in their digestive system.

Regardless, hay and dry grass don’t help with hydration in rabbits.

Also, the nutrition content in hay or grass is minimal.

How do wild rabbits get the necessary nutrition?

Wild rabbits get all the essential nutrition for their excellent health from green leaves and vegetables.

If rabbits don’t have plenty of green leaves and vegetables, they will become malnourished and weak.

Rabbits are prey animals, and they know how to survive in the wild.

Therefore they can’t show signs of weakness to keep themselves safe.

While they like to munch on hay and dry grass, they also find green leaves and vegetables to keep them nourished.

Wild rabbits tend to eat food that they can consume quickly. While having a green, they prefer to have the freshest green leaves.

Hence they climb up to the peak of trees to access the freshest leaves.

Rabbits are ingenious animals, and they know which food to consume for their best health.

Do wild rabbits drink water?

Wild rabbits drink a lot of water. Generally, rabbits have a delicate digestive system, and they need water to help digest food well.

During summertime, wild rabbits need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Another way for rabbits to keep hydrated is by feeding more green leaves and vegetables.

A wild rabbit’s digestive system will be affected without adequate water consumption.

A rabbit without proper hydration has less weight, unlike a hydrated rabbit with a balanced digestive system.

If you are willing to hydrate a wild rabbit by placing drinking water in your yard, you can do that. Though wild rabbits would stay hydrated by having greens or drinking water somewhere else, you can try to give them access to some clean drinking water.

Do wild rabbits eat pellets?

Pellets are a form of food that is highly nutritious. Often domesticated rabbits don’t get adequate nutrition for good hell just by munching on hays.

Many times house rabbit guardians don’t have access to fresh greens or vegetables. Thus pellets are an alternative source of nutrition for rabbits.

Nevertheless, the wild rabbits know how to survive in the wild and figure out their own to have some green grass or leaves.

I believe it’s unnecessary to give pellets to wild rabbits.

But if you want to try giving pellets to wild rabbits, you must only pick Timothy hay pellets for adult rabbits. Don’t give alfalfa hay pellets to adult rabbits.

Serving alfalfa hay pellets to the adult rabbit will make things worse for an adult wild rabbit. Alfalfa hay pellets are rich in protein which will trouble an adult wild rabbit’s digestive system.

Rabbits can be very picky about what they eat, and if a wild rabbit is not used to having pellets, the wild rabbit will likely not eat the pellets.

You can check that by serving wild rabbits pellets and check back whether they finished it or not.

Do wild rabbits eat fruits?

Fruits are like treats for rabbits. Also, sweet fruits have high sugar contents, which is not suitable for any rabbit.

A rabbit may like to eat sweet fruits because of the taste. But wild rabbits typically don’t have access to sweet fruits like bananas or mangoes.

If they find anything that smells and tastes good, they will eat it without knowing the consequence later.

So if you want to give wild rabbits some fruits to eat, avoid giving them any fruit that is too sweet or too sour. Serve the fruits in tiny amounts and check back later whether the rabbit ate it or not.

How shall you befriend a wild rabbit?

For friendship, the crucial matter is to win trust. If the wild rabbits in your meadow or yard trust you, then they will show up frequently.

Now that you know what do wild rabbits eat, you can place some for the wild rabbits.

Place some hay or dry grass for wild rabbits. Don’t place vegetables or fruits.

Rabbits don’t like all vegetables, and not all fruits are suitable for a rabbit’s diet.

So the best thing you can do is keep some hay and grass. Likewise, if you have timothy hay pellets, you can place those for wild rabbits.

Just locate a place where mainly the wild rabbits show up in your yard or porch and keep the hay or dry grass there.

If you place the food far from where the rabbits visit, the rabbits will likely never get to the food you put for them.

Instead of approaching the wild rabbits, you allow them to come to you.

As rabbits are prey animals, they will likely never show up in that place again if they sense anything unusual.

So place the food where the rabbits show up and far from any interruption from predators.

Eventually, if the rabbits figure out there is food for them in that particular place, they frequently visit while looking for food.

If they frequently come to your yard and have their food, they will slowly begin to trust the person placing food for them.

That’s how you can befriend wild rabbits.

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