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are rabbits good pets

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Perhaps you are questioning. It is not harmful to have some pet rabbits home. The truth is it is not the same; just because your neighbor got a few rabbits doesn’t mean he is a good rabbit keeper.

It is quite the opposite of these exotic small pets.

They are lovely pets, but adopting them for a temporary fascination is not best for rabbits.

If you do not consider keeping them for a long time, then you must not have them.

Regardless I am here to reveal everything you need to determine about buying a house rabbit and how good are they as pets?

As well as the problems, you have to suffer if you cannot take care of your pet rabbits.

Are rabbits good pets?

Rabbits are excellent pets, likewise any other domestic pets. Similar to cats and dogs, rabbits like an embrace, are affectionate and loving. Interestingly rabbits can be trained too.

Everything I say may sound strange to you. It is because, until now, the rabbit is not the most popular pet for houses.

It is because either people do not understand these animals or have no knowledge that rabbits can be cute pets for the home.

No one discusses having pet rabbits. People are fascinated by dogs and cats.

I don’t have anything against dogs and cats. Owning a fantastic dog myself, I never felt unsatisfied.

Both my rabbits and my dog are my dearest.

Now, you may be wondering how I can have a dog and own a pet rabbit too?

Well, it is not difficult at all. Assuming most people today either own a cat or a dog and are interested in adopting a bunny.

So the first question here I want to ask is how friendly your cat or dog is?

Can rabbits and other pets live together?

Yes, rabbits are calm and sweet animals. They go along very well with other animals.

If only both the species have appropriate training. The reason why I say this is because rabbits are prey animals.

On the other hand, cats, and dogs?

They are predators. Especially cats, they tend to play with any creature that is smaller in size than them.

So what would you expect if you introduced your cat to a rabbit?

Bring a rabbit home, and introducing your cat with this little new pet can be very dangerous.

It does not mean it is absurd — there are multiple families where cats, dogs, and rabbits live together.

They live in harmony because the pet keepers taught their pet animals to live together without bringing harm to each other.

It may sound unexpected to many people, but domestic rabbits are very innocent delicate animals. They are friendly and can remain quiet with their new friends.

Why are rabbits not ideal pets for a home with children?

As surprising as it may sound because you might only buy a pet rabbit for your children.

Did you ask yourself, why do you want a rabbit for your children?

It might be because you want your children to have a cuddly toy.

Nevertheless, rabbits are not a toy. It is easy to like them and consider them as a fluffy toy because of their round furry appearance.

But they are live mammals. They like to be loved and require careful handling.

What will happen if you give your child a rabbit?

Your child may enjoy playing with the rabbit. Assuming your child loves the rabbit. However, being such a fragile small animal, the rabbit needs to have precise care.

I believe a child will not learn by themselves how to exercise the care of a rabbit.

So before you bring home a pet rabbit, you have to read this full article.

In case you want a rabbit for your children better yet, let your children understand all the safety measures they need to practice in handling a rabbit.

I am not saying your children will bring harm to the rabbit intentionally. Children are innocent too.

But they do not understand correctly, which is right and wrong. And merely picking up the rabbit or dropping the rabbit while playing with these delicate pet animals might cause severe injuries.

Are rabbits dangerous pets?

People always have the weirdest of questions. The answer to this question is NO.

Rabbits are not dangerous pets. I believe they are endangered pets. They can easily be injured, and even the slightest change in their environment can shock them, which may lead to death.

Rabbits are abandoned by their owners more often than you can imagine.

Rabbits are often adopted simply because of temporary fascination, and eventually, when the rabbit guardian realizes that having pet rabbits comes with so much maintenance, they just set them free.

Setting them free is even worse for domestic rabbits.

Household rabbits haven’t mastered how to survive in the wild. They are prey animals. A car may hit them.

Contrary to wild rabbits, they grasp everything out in the wild.

Wild rabbits know how to sustain and when to avoid certain places to prevent themselves from predators.

Thus indoor rabbits are cute pets, and they are delicate. House rabbits must not be set free in the wild.

Another consideration is the rabbit’s diet. An indoor rabbit might swallow something in the wild, which is not suitable for their stomach.

Speaking of the digestive system has brought me to discuss my next subject on the rabbit digestive system and veterinary care.

Finding a rabbit vet can be troublesome, but how often do rabbits get sick?

You are visiting a vet for your rabbit. There may be very few times you have to visit a vet with your rabbit.

The most common reason to see a veterinary is to neuter/spay your rabbit. Neutering or spaying rabbits is essential.

An unneutered/unspayed rabbit is prone to several diseases and may also pass away earlier than average.

Another reason why you have to see a vet is that your rabbit has diarrhea.

Remember how I mentioned they have a delicate digestive system?

Food out of the ordinary in a rabbit’s diet or an introduction of fresh fruit can cause their digestive system to interrupt.

Regardless, that is not the only difficulty. The issue will be if you cannot locate a rabbit veterinary for all the necessities.

Rabbits are considered exotic animals, and a general veterinary cannot treat them.

So if you do not have a rabbit vet or a specialist in exotic animals near you, you may have to travel far to visit one. As a result, you will count extra money.

If your local vet tries to treat the rabbit, the vet may aid in the deterioration of the rabbit’s health instead of making it better.

The deteriorating health of a rabbit brings me to my next concern.

Recognizing a rabbit’s diet and maintaining the excellent shape of your bunnies.

Rabbits have a digestive system that needs a lot of fiber. Any food with too much sugar can get them sick. Rabbits are herbivores. So they love having hay and grass. Hay and grass give rabbits all the fiber they need in their diet.

However, they cant have enough nutrition from the hay and grass.

So owners must feed their domestic rabbits adequate vegetables and greens. If not possible, then they must feed their rabbits with pellets.

Pellets are an alternative to vegetables and greens.

Pellets contain all the essential supplements for a rabbit’s well being.

And rabbits need to have fresh water all day. That way, you can ensure your house rabbit’s well being.

How long do rabbits live as a pet?

If you ensure your rabbit’s safety and take proper care of them, they will stay for a pretty long time beside you.

Typically, pet rabbits live for 10 to 12 years. That is possible only if the rabbit is in good hands.

Also, it is crucial for them to be spayed/neutered for prolonged life.

Unspayed or unneutered rabbits do not live for a long time.

Thus rabbits in the wild only live for two to three years.

However, for rabbits in the wild, life is tough. They have survived from predators. Predators are another understanding of why rabbits in the wild do not have a long life.

In case you are committed to having a pet rabbit, then you must be ready to have that house rabbit with you for the next ten to twelve years.

Rabbits are gentle, loving pets, but you have to be a better owner.

Do rabbits like to be cuddled?

Indeed rabbits like cuddling. I mentioned they are as loving as dogs and cats and enjoy cuddling. Nevertheless, before everything, you have to know how to handle rabbits with care.

Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits are a small prey animal. Holding them and raising them above ground is not a joy for rabbits.

Grabbing them and raising them high can result in a shock for them.

Being prey animals, they will feel that they have been attacked by their predator when held high. The bit you were simply trying to be affectionate with your bunny.

So there are several techniques to pet a rabbit. So if you intend to pet a rabbit the right way without stressing them, you may read this article here >>> How to pet a rabbit?

Learn how to love your rabbit back before you bring a rabbit home. Recognizing when your rabbit is trying to play with you and looking for your attention is noticeable.

And you must remember not to disturb your bunnies when they are sleeping.

This article here explains everything to recognize when and how your rabbits are sleeping.

Do rabbits recognize their owners?

Rabbits are brilliant animals and can recognize their owners. If they did not identify their owners, they wouldn’t expect your cuddle.

I remember how my rabbit always loves to sleep next to my feet.

The purpose of that is, she always recognized me and loved sleeping next to me.

Rabbit guardians tell me how their rabbits like to lick them. There are numerous articles online on the topic the rabbit likes to lick their guardian.

One reason for that is your rabbit can recognize you and loves you dearly.

A rabbit’s way of showing affection is by only licking you.

Licking you may seem odd to you. But for a rabbit when s/he touches you, it means the rabbit is grooming you.

Rabbits are self-grooming animals, and they like to groom each other to show their love. Similar to that, when your rabbit recognizes his/her owner and appreciates how much you love them, they will show their love towards you by licking you.

It means the rabbit intends to groom you. If you google it online, you can read about people’s stories on how their rabbits can understand when they call them by their name.

So rabbits are intelligent animals, and they identify their guardians and love them.

Do pet rabbits bite?

Rabbits are active animals. They like hopping around during their energetic hours, which is normal.

Also, rabbits are prey animals, so biting someone is abnormal behavior for a rabbit.

In the case of a rabbit bites their guardian, I believe it is a way of showing their stress.

A lonely rabbit can be very stressed and show aggression towards someone trying to handle them.

I have written somewhere in this blog about my cute bunny biting my finger once.

It was not her fault. What I did for some reason while working, I forgot to let her out of her cage.

Going out from her cage and playing around my living room is her daily routine.

She goes inside the cage during her sleeping hours only.

Mistakenly I let her stay inside her cage for more than 24 hours.

Once I remembered she has been inside the cage longer than usual, I immediately tried to let her out.

When I opened the cage, she was acting grumpy because she was lonely by then.

Having inadequate familiarity with pet rabbits at the time, I tried to seize her and carry her outside the cage, and she revealed aggression towards me by biting my finger.

And fortunately, the rabbit is a cute animal, and nothing serious happened from the bite.

I explained all this just to let you know rabbits can be very bored easily. One way of showing their loneliness can be aggression.

But biting their guardian is not typical for them.

Buy toys for rabbits to prevent their boredom.

Rabbits get bored so quickly; therefore, they need a companion. If the rabbit guardian cannot manage time for their pet rabbit, then it is better to buy your rabbits some toys.

Rabbit toys are inexpensive. They are available online and in any pet store.

Luckily a simple chew toy is acceptable for your bunny to keep him/her busy.

A bunny can play for hours with a chew toy.

Buying several toys for rabbits, and watching them playing with toys is fun.

Only before you buy any rabbit toy, just be sure whether the toy is harmless or not, for your pet rabbits.

Many toys are not safe at all for rabbits.

You may think your rabbit can play with a toy for cats. This notion is incorrect.

Rabbits tend to chew on toys. So it is normal for rabbits to swallow parts of their toys.

And most rabbit toys are edible for rabbits. Therefore any toy that is not edible and your rabbit chewing on them can cause their demise.

Bunny proofing the house.

Notice how I have stated that rabbits tend to chew on toys?

In reality, they like to chew on stuff that they fancy.

A common obstacle of having free range indoor rabbits is they love chewing on carpets and most wire and cables inside the house.

It is not only going to generate problems for your rabbits, but this type of behavior can also be deadly for the rabbits too.

A rabbit may die from ingesting fibers from the carpet. Your rabbit may continue chewing on a cable and die of shock.

Hence bunny proofing the house before getting a pet rabbit is essential.

I have an article on how to bunny proof your house here.

Bunny proofing your house is hassle-free. The tell of it may sound pricey to you, but thanks to technology.

There are tons of products available online and have a very affordable price. There are even convenient tools to prevent bunnies from acting destructively.

Bunny proofing is another vital aspect to consider before buying a pet rabbit. Once your house is bunny proved, you will keep your rabbits safe, and your rabbits will grow as disciplined, excellent pets.

Can they be potty trained?

Rabbits are intelligent animals, and they can be potty trained. Some stubborn bunnies may take longer to learn than the not stubborn ones. Training rabbits at a young age to use the potty is more natural.

I will tell you these rabbits are perfect pets, and they can be potty trained.

And rabbit dropping is dry. So unless you train your rabbits to use the potty, they will poop where they find comfortable. And you will have to clean that. As I said, their droppings are dry, and cleaning is not troublesome.

Occasionally, a potty-trained rabbit may drop their poop here and there. Therefore cleaning is hassle-free. As well as rabbit poop does not have any odor. And the most notable relief is rabbits can be potty trained in a couple of weeks, there will be limited trouble of cleaning their droppings.

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All you have to do is clean their litter box often to maintain hygiene.

Do pet rabbits smell?

No, rabbits do not smell bad. They are odorless animals and continuously brush themselves. Rabbits have thick fur, which feels fresh to touch because rabbits are self-grooming animals.

Some rabbit guardians might think they have to bathe their rabbits to keep them clean.

Bathing your rabbits must be strictly prevented because rabbits clean themselves by grooming.

As a result, a rabbit guardian doesn’t have to take the trouble of cleaning their pets.

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However, there is one subject I need to focus on here is the odor of rabbits’ urine is terrible.

Rabbit urine stinks if the rabbit guardian does not clean the litter box often.

Thus the role depends on the house rabbit guardian. Because if a house rabbit guardian does not have the rabbit’s living area clean, it will diffuse odor.

Grounded urine will smell bad, which is likewise unhealthy for a rabbit to live.

It is essential to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in a rabbit habitat.

Bunny housing and cleanliness.

Bunnies can be raised either in a free-range environment or in hutches.

They can grow indoors or outdoors.

It is the new bunny owner who must decide how they want to keep these small pets.

However, I am a rabbit lover. And I believe the best way to keep house rabbits is indoors and let them hop around in a free-range environment.

I have my pet rabbit, and she has a cage. But the cage’s door is always open, since after my experience of not letting her out and seeing her grumpy.

So she is free to roam around within her running space. Did I tell you that my living room is her moving space?

She only goes inside the cage once she wants to sleep or hide. My rabbit is happy and healthy because she gets enough exercise every day and rests in peace later.

She is litter trained, and I don’t have to worry about her pooping around the house.

On the contrary, why I am telling you not to keep rabbits outdoors and even in a cage because rabbits are sensitive pets. Being so small, they are vulnerable to different kinds of things out there.

There might be predators out there, and if they have your whole patio as their running space, it will be no good if attacked by the predator.

What if you keep them in a cage outdoors?

Keeping your rabbits in a cage outdoors will prevent them from predator attacks. Nevertheless, the weather can become deadly for them.

Rabbits cannot survive in extreme heat. A sunny day is going to kill them. Same with winter and rain.

Rabbits cannot tolerate any kind of extreme condition. So it is best to keep them indoors and with ample running space.

They will remain healthy and happy by your side for a long time.

Can you leave your bunnies home alone due to business?

If you are a frequent traveler and have to stay far from your house often due to work, then rabbits are not the ideal pets for you.

Yet if you decide to get a pet rabbit considering such conditions, you have to find someone who can look after your pet while you are gone. Because like all animals, rabbits can’t be left alone with extra food.

Even if you leave your rabbits alone and with abundant food and water, your rabbit will probably be lonely without a companion.

Once you return from your journey, you may find your rabbit is grumpy.

At this stage, showing aggression is reasonable too.

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Rabbit is a low maintenance starter pet compared to all other pets. But if you want your bunny to be safe and happy around you for a long time, then you have to be committed to taking responsibility.

Rabbits are excellent house pets, and they are less costly than having other pets.

But there is a small investment of money and time which you have to put in initially.

Similarly, a little research on how to raise pet rabbits in the house I deem necessary.

In this article, I have listed all the considerations before getting a pet rabbit.

I have also linked to other relevant materials for a detailed understanding of new pet rabbit owners.

Once you do the research, I believe there will be no more difficulties for you to have a pet rabbit.

In a short time, you will realize how pet rabbits are not just the right pet; they are a fantastic companion too.

Want your rabbit to be happy and healthy?

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